July 1st, 2015: Planning for a successful quarter

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Happy July ! The second half of the year is here- Yikes that happened fast, right? The good news is that we can look at this as a fresh start. All my clients have just finished up their planning for this quarter, and now they are ready to go! Are you? Is you plan in your head or on on paper?  Here are some of my great tips on creating an effective, results-based,  “power” plan:

  1. Write this all down!
  2. Think about just 1 thing that  will make the biggest impact on your business.
  3. Why that? The more emotionally tied to a goal you are, the more likely you will stick it out.
  4. Where are you now in comparison? Now determine the gap.
  5. Vet out all those things that “may” keep you from success. Make sure they are legitimate (such as your industry may be slower in the summer time, vs. I don’t know where to l look for new clients). This way we can work around them.
  6. Determine different strategies you will use. Pick one to start.
  7. Write out everything that needs to take place for this strategy to work. What are the specifics- such as target, time frame, desired result, cost (including time), etc.
  8. Get going with it!   Track your results as you go.

As I mentioned, all my clients have now completed their plans. They now have it on one page and have that printed out. Do the same- it helps keep you focused!

I wish you the best of success. If you would like to have me help you through this process, I have several complimentary “laser session” spots available. Grab yours HERE!

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