I’m authentically me- Be authentically you

Here I am again. I am still working on getting my email / blog correspondence consistent. So, as I am not quite there yet – what better topic than “I’m authentically me, be authentically you.”

Sometimes in business (in life), it’s easy to feel that we need to be perfect. I felt that way always, and the result was that I consistently wasted a TON of time trying to get my work “perfect”- never happy with what I was producing, or I just gave up and didn’t  release it. Why did I do that? Certainly not because you did not think it was good enough. It was so about me – how silly is that when all I want to do is serve and help you.

I am in another challenge now – a 21 day Facebook Live challenge, where we all do a FB live every day for 21 days. What prompted me to do the “Vlog” from the beach was I did my day 3 challenge FB live there (did you see it? I’ve really got to remember to turn the camera horizontally!) Once I did my live challenge video, my 2017 theme phrase then immediately popped into my head “if not now- when?” And so I did. It cut off early for some reason, and I am just leaving it.

I already knew that this was going to be my topic, and so what better way to embrace it. How often are you “not good enough”? do you ever stop yourself form doing something or releasing something because it is “just not quite right?” When I am being authentically me, I then turn my sole focus on helping you. I do this when I am coaching inherently. Funny thing is, when I do this in other areas, it everything goes so much smoother and easier (and MUCH faster!)

In this time of seemingly craziness, being “real” is ever important. Your clients will still love you, you’ll find more and more whom resonate with your “style” as well. Isn’t that in itself a huge stress release? Can you see how much better  you can serve your community from this place? How much more time will you have as a result? Of course you want things right. good enough may just be just right.

Being authentically you takes off so much pressure which in turn allows you to actually be so much more of you. I am who I am, you are who you are – and that is just fine. Dare to be a little more “you” this week – your tribe will love it!

May Your Business be Blissful-
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