Let’s Begin Again!

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So, I just went back to see when exactly WAS the last time I sent any correspondence……DANG! September of last year. Oh my!

Well, there is no time like the present to begin again. And as we are officially beginning a new month, beginning a new quarter, as well as officially beginning the second half of the year – it’s the perfect time to reset, do you agree? Regardless of how your year is going, this midway point is a great time to not only reset and review, it’s a great time to re-establish where you are and where you want to go – and quite possibly, where you HAVE to get.

In the spirit of new beginnings, I intend on getting my blog back to a weekly source of service for you. Questions to get you thinking, strategies to get you moving, and stories to inspire you. Always leaving you with something you can implement right away in your business. First however, I really want to know what you want or perhaps what do you need to happen in your business to make it a good, great, or maybe even an outstanding year.

For this, I need your help. I want to ensure that what I send is of value to you and mostly something that you can use in your business. My job becomes easier when I know for certain what is on your mind, vs. me thinking I know what is on your mind. Here’s how you can help me best help you:

  1. 4 question survey. Complete my super quick (less than 5 minutes) by clicking HERE. 

  2. 13-minute Business Boost 121 Call. If you really want to help me- I have challenged myself to do at least 130 13-minute business boost calls this quarter because it would be really cool. You will receive assistance with one area of your business where you can use the biggest boost right now, I will get to further my refined mission to “Positively and profitably impact 13,800 businesses by December 20st, 2020” My count as of Jun 30th, 2018 is 9,532. I have got a lot of businesses to help and I would appreciate helping you. You can choose your preferred type of call – one focused on getting faster results (CLICK HERE) or one focused on reducing your stress so you can move forward easier (CLICK HERE). The differentiator helps me ensure I have the best focus for you.
  3. Reply to this email (or below )


And so, we ALL being again.

In service to you-


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