The “one big thing meets resistance” – Monarch Money Message for the week of Oct. 24th, 2016

THAT ONE BIG THING…meets resistance!

We continue on our theme this month of “that one thing”.  this week let’s talk about resistance.  You may know the “one big thing” you want in your  business, however, doing what you must to get it is another. It all sounds good, until it comes to taking action -well, consistent action. Why is that?

Quite frankly, it is because to do/be/have something new, you have to do or be something different. That means you have to CHANGE something. And as easy as that sounds on the surface is as difficult as it is underneath.

You see, human nature either moves towards  pleasure OR away from pain. the interesting fact is (to me anyhow) is that 80% of all people are in the latter group – move away from pain. Sadly that pain has to be so severe for action to occur.

So… how do we get past it? Ah…. yes, that is the question. Well, to quote one of my all time Gurus – Yoda – he says “Do or Do Not, there is no try”.  TRYING is not doing. WANTING is not having. You MUST break that comfort barrier to get where you want to go, and be and do everything you can CONSISTENTLY to make sure it happens!

You are not alone, just go back to that 80% above.  However, if you want to be in that 20% – you have to get uncomfortable and be OK with it. So let’s break it down to make it simple( not necessarily easy):
D x V x F > R
D is Dissatisfaction
 V is Vision
F is First Step
 R is Resistance

The DISSATISFACTION  of where are are now, and the impact of whatever you want to change is having on your business has to get to a place of where the pain, fear, dread, etc… is no longer tolerable. Think about this impact

The VISION of what it will be like to have /be /do that One big thing has to drive you forward. It must be so strong, that the “thing” is a have to have, not just gee it would be nice to have. Focus on the way you will fell when you  have it.

That FIRST STEP is all it takes to begin momentum. What’s interesting about momentum is that  feeds on itself.  You just need to keep it going step by step.  Sure you may stumble – it’s ok. Regroup and start again, step again. What simple steps can you take?

Those three components still must be greater than RESISTANCE.  This can show up in all sorts of ways….. fear of success, fear of failure, lack of self worth , and even well meaning people (especially those who are closest to us) who are really happy with who you are, where you are. So just acknowledge, understand and embrace it.

Here’s a great exercise to help you start and keep going towards that “one”. Make 4 lists and at the top, put each of the words above. Then, start listing everything that fits under that list. Here’s an example:
D                                   V                           F                         R
lack of money            Ease                     Make 5 calls        no time
not enough clients    Serving Many    Organize              spouse
frustration                  Freedom            Create a plan       not worthy

Now that you have the lists, and you can always continue to add to it, use them to offset it each other. When resistance creeps in, focus on the dissatisfaction list to get past it. When you do not want to take that first step, focus on the vision of where you are going, and just decide you will try it for even 30 seconds (like just make 1 call). If that doesn;t work, fall back to the dissatisfaction,

finally, begin to put “workarounds” in place, make it a game, challenge, anything that will let you take that fist step. When you do- celebrate it!  It may sound silly, but hey- it’s time to get moving and this allows for momentum to build. slowly at first, and gradually faster and faster until you really take off in a natural easy way!

Go for it!!   I would love to know what first steps you are taking and what you think about the exercise!

To your success –
Master Coach Lee Munch


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