The Micro Expressions Book for Business

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Micro Expressions Book for Business“The Micro Expressions Book for Business” – Kasia and Patryk Wezowski
I have been intrigued by this concept for quite some time. There was a TV show with a premise on this topic in solving crimes- of course the names escapes me now – and I realized how much better of a mentor I could be if I could master something like this. Well, clearly mastering this would take an awful lot of time. So when I was introduced to “The Micro expressions Book for Business”. I was thrilled.
Kasia has managed to take this very complex topic and lay it out in a simple to follow manner with pictures galore for examples. It’s also a quick read, which is always a bonus for me. Will you be a master after reading this? No, however, it’s a great tool to revisit over and over again until you begin to “get it.” It does not go into a lot of depth – I treat it like a reference book – it gives you enough for a solid foundation.
You see emotions are at the core of all of us. Some we can hide and others are so reactionary and so fast, that not even the best can cover them. They are gone before we know it. it happens in every one of us. So, imagine how helpful it is to be able to recognize these fleeting expressions, plus certain body language responses in many of the circumstances that occur in the everyday life.
This is an easy must read for any business owner. No you cannot use it on yourself to “cover” certain emotions. It does such a great job on helping us understand the importance of emotional intelligence and all the how that plays out without any of us being able to control it – or at least control it well. It helps the business owner when negotiating, and hiring. It helps with leadership development.
Again, this is not the masters course on this topic (they do offer an actual in-depth training if you are interested). What was confirmed for me too is the fact, that our first initial “gut” reaction is usually right when we meet people. You only have less than 4 second to make a good impression – and that all happens before you open your mouth.
So- how would this help you in your business? Read the book and let us know!

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