Review of the “Stop It” video

I chose this video to review because of the impact it has in my work. I was bouncing back and forth on where to put this; here or in my Friday’s fun, or even Monday’s Message. Why it is here is because I was recently reminded (during a session with a client) of how I use this as a pivotal tool for growth. YES- can you believe it!
Watch the video first (c’mon, it’s only 6 minutes long and it’s embedded right here – I cannot make this any easier)

OK!- My guess is now you may understand. There are times we ALL (including me) go to our “Stories” of why we did NOT do something. Ever notice when we DO something there are never excuses as to “why” we did it? “Stories” – aka excuses, reasons, blame – keep us stuck. Stuck in turn, keeps us comfortable, comfortable leads to denial.
So sometimes, “Stop it” is just what we need to do. It’s kind of like- “get over yourself”. We cling to our “reasons” because no matter the effect, they are what we know. The unknown can be scary.
How to use the “Stop it” tool most effectively on your own:
(this is a great exercise particularly if you are feeling down about where you are, or you keep procrastinating about something)
1. Write (and I do mean write with pen and paper – it’s a brain thing) down everything you come up with as to WHY you are not doing something you know you should do or you said you would do. Some examples “ no time, too busy, I am missing something to do it……” you get the idea.
– If you are in a general state of feeling down or depressed- list all the things that are causing you to feel this way.
2. Once you have exhausted all the possible reasons – Watch the Stop it Video with all your “reasons” in front of you.
3. Cross out each story and replace them with at least one counter possible solution.
4. STOP IT! and get going!

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