Here is my 5 Steps to Business Success

Happy Monday! 
Success in my business is based on my, proven, results- based, 5 step  system. It works for every business in every industry in every economy. As such, I want to quickly walk you through this system so you can start to implement it yourself. My VLOG this week is a mini training on the blueprint. Everything has this same 5 step approach. In  celebration of my upcoming 13 week live on-line course “Masterful Marketing – with little or no budget” beginning June 8th  – the blueprint I am using is the one for the course.

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So, Let me  take you through my 5 steps – it’s a bit like building a home.

Like with building a house, you start with the foundation. You actually start with the blueprint (you’ve got your for above right?). The more solid the groundwork the more solid the business.
Here are some questions to ask to ensure your foundation is rock solid:
1. What is your WHY?
    why are you doing this? What is that driving force behind you?
2. What is the REAL problem you solve
     deep deeper for this and you might be surprised
3. What is your value proposition?
     how do you stand out?
4. Who is your customer?
    please do not tell me- someone with a pulse and a wallet. Give it some real thought

Next come the walls! Most entrepreneurs do not like this word. Didn’t we go into our own business to get away form structure? We want to be FREE right? Well, it is structure that gives us hte very freedom we seek (sorry about that). Without structure we are shooting from the hip – inevitably, at some point, you WILL shoot yourself in the foot. Here are some key areas of structure
1. People
Your team, your customers, your vendors, your partners, your database
2. Processes
Sales, customers (on-boarding new and keeping them happy), team success path, YOUR NUMBERS!
3. Time
What’s the best use of your time during the day? What are your time “vampires”?
4. Skills
Your (and your team too!) personal and professional training are critical for success. I am not talking about those things you must do for compliance in your industry. I am talking about those areas in which you can continually improve yourself. If you are not willing to invest in you (or in your team) – why would anyone else?

Enough with the talking! Let the action do the walking!
1. What are you trying to accomplish?
Where are you going and why? What do you  hope to achieve? How will you know if you got there?
2. How are you going to accomplish it?
What methodolgy will you use? WHOM are you trying to reach EXACTLY?
3. What the best strategy?
 So – do you want immediate, short term or longer results…..this is where strategy is KEY
4. What happens next?
You really need to know this……

Now we need to determine how it all went. Many entrepreneurs / business owners do not like this part either….
Embrace it I say, this is your true key for success. This is where you learn so much…. remember, earn comes before learn ONLY in the dictionary….
1. SWOT it out
  S/W: strengths / weaknesses – this refers to your internal results. What did you do right, what could you have done better? O/T:
opportunities / threats  – this refers to the external factors. What were the opportunities that presented themselves, and what held you back form getting to where you wanted to go?
2. Brainstorm
toss analysis around, review, talk, etc……knowledge is power adn this is your opportunity!
3. Record:  amend / keep on going / kill
record your results!. Next time do this….. Make sure you ask that…. Knowledge is power!

You ARE going to get results. are they good, bad. indifferent, etc. Celebrate them.
1. Learning
   If it was not so great – celebrate your learnings (which you can now do, as you are using these 5 steps)
2. Success
   Celebrate the successes (even if its, wow we actually had a structured plan) Of course your wins!!
3. Next time
Keep on rocking on, maybe we can tweak this or that, hmmmm maybe another approach?

So there you have it! What are you take-a-ways? What will you work on? I’d love to know! Please leave me comments!!!

Make it a great week –

To your success,



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