Q4 is Here!

Q4 is here. How are you going to end the year on a high note? Where this year has gone is beyond me. It’s crazy right? Perhaps, here in New York at least, the weather this summer was absolutely magnificent – so mild that we hardly knew it was even summer. I went swimming only…

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Reviews, Recommendations & Referrals by Len Carroll of Affordable Business Websites

I learned, early on, that to succeed in school I had to be proficient at the 3 R’s –reading, riting and rithmatic (guess spelling didn’t count for much back then). To have a successful internet presence for your business today, you still need the 3 R’s. Only difference is, they stand for Reviews, Recommendations and…

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Advertising Advice

Coach Lee – I get a lot of calls asking me to advertise in various papers, and journals. Which should I choose and how do I know it works? Thank you – Danny Fence Company Danny- This is actually two great questions. First of all, for any advertising to make sense, it should be viewed…

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