Your Small Business Vision and Mission: Monday Money Message for July 13th 2015

What is the vision for your business? Do you have one?  What about a mission statement?

A compelling vision and mission can be translated into goals which are realized through strategies implemented as initiatives to generate results.

An effective mission helps define who are you are and what you intend to do – kind of like “your marching  orders”. Did you know that companies whose employees understand the mission and goals enjoy 29% greater return than other firms?

Some quick ideas for you on developing a strong vision for your small business:

  • Vision – must be something almost unattainable, like reaching the farthest star. It should be set at least 100 years into the future.
  • Another option is to set the Vision of being the best in your industry in your region or even the world …

An effective mission statement will have the following parameters::

  • Defines Product or Service
  • Customer-Focused
  • Results Oriented
  • Aligned with Company Objectives
  • Defines Value-Added
  • Clear and Convincing

Let me know how you do with yours. If you already have one, please share it with us on the comments below (free self promotion! go ahead and take it!)

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