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Hello and Welcome to “Lee Munch Grows Your Biz”. This blog is here for you – to provide endless education and learning, all focused on helping you grow your business. Let me tell you how this works. There is a structure around all of this. For those of you who already know me, right now you are saying to yourself- “Of course there is Lee! That’s how you do EVERYTHING!” Yes it is, it’s the only way to ensure consistent, continual growth and expansion. After all, It’s my belief that if you do not know where you’ve been or where you are, you won’t know where you are going – or when you have arrived.
Let me show you around. Here is the lay of the land so to speak. My blog has an entry everyday (well, not the weekend) . In order to keep it new and different each day, and so you will want to come here every day, I am mixing it up a bit. It goes like this:

Mondays are “Monday’s Mentoring Message” – this is to help you move your business forward. It’s a mentoring set of questions for you to ponder, a “mini” training, or a laid out business strategy. You can use this immediately in your business. When you do make sure you tell me how it works out in our comments!

Tuesdays are “Tuesday’s Talk” – where I bring on a guest to interview. Right now we are focusing on communication, as well as learning about their business. Our guest will share a communication strategy with the audience – one they can use in their own business. The cool thing about this is, that our guest will be the following week’s guest blogger. If they have a book, product or program, I will then review it the week after that. Imagine- 3 weeks in a row of exposure for them and an easy way for you to get to know them along with learning!

Wednesdays are “Wednesday’s Wisdom” – this is where I provide the reviews I mentioned above. Yes it’s my opinion, however, I will make sure I give the best generally overview of whatever I review. Naturally, It’s my intention to only review things I like, as well have actually used and or read.
Thursdays are “Thursdays Thoughts” – welcome!

Fridays are “Friday’s Fun” – actually, I have no idea what will be here. I’m thinking it will be mostly, stuff about me, my family, and my world. I really want you to get to know me.

This blog site is for you – I want you to have all sorts of learning opportunities and a place dedicated to helping YOU grow YOUR business. That’s what I’m all about. Yet, how boring would that be if it was just always me yakking away about the same old thing? Enjoy! Participate! Share what you learn and share it with those who you know will benefit.

To your success-


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