Time: do you spend it or invest it?

Question of the week:
How do you invest time and how to you spend time in your business?

Time: Investing vs. spending
So many business owners run their business reactively – Especially when it comes to time. We feel we must pick that phone call, reply to that email, run out the door for that meeting. However, every time we do something like that, we are spending time – wasting time. Watch my video for more on that below…..

3 quick tips for better time investment:

  1. Set 2 times per day for email – writing and responding. Let everyone know this is your practice.
  2. Stop just answering every client phone call as they come. Set up “call in” hours- and communicate this to your clients. Tell them you are doing this in to better serve them, which is true. You are now in serving mode and ready. Even better, suggest to them if they can send a text or email in advance on the topic they wish to discuss, it gives you ability to have that information at the ready.
  3. Plan face to face meetings effectively – have a time frame, an agenda, and stick to it. If traveling, plan more than one meeting in the area. Do more meetings via video conference. Think about how much time is spent (wasted) driving and in traffic.

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