Numbers Count! – Monarch Money Message for the week of Nov. 7th, 2016

Happy November!!! WOW- this year has flown for me. How about you?  This month, as a celebration of the launch of my new weekly class “More Money NOW!!” (see below), this month’s theme is “Numbers Count!”

I would say that 80+% of all the businesses I’ve worked with, the biggest issue when we started was that they did not know the numbers- the real numbers – in their business. “Numbers avoidance” is an epidemic! Even with accountants! Large businesses, tiny businesses, it’s the same thing – it amazes me.

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Here is the thing- if you do not control them, then they control you. When that happens (hey, I have seen this even in businesses of $10,000,000+), you feel out of control,  overworked, and even underpaid.

I call it “Numbers Avoidance” and it presents itself in a number of ways. Do any of the below sound like you?

  • I only know how much I made (or not) when it comes time to do my taxes
  • I do not need to think about my numbers, my accountant / bookkeeper takes care of that for me
  • It takes too much time to worry about my numbers, I am already too busy!
  • I am only a small business, they do not matter

There are many more “reasons” I hear of course, however, the result is the same. However, if YOU truly want a business that grows consistently and profitably, where you paid well for your services or products, AND  have plenty of time to enjoy your life- then start taking control of your numbers NOW!

Pick just one number to start tracking this month- maybe how many contact interactions you have, how many new prospects you have, how many customers do you currently have, etc…. SOMETHING… ANYTHING!

Do you want to be in this same place this time next year? If not, then you must do something different. Numbers count- make yours start counting right now! Just think, if you take just one number per month (and that at is we add a new one, not replace it), think about where you will be this time next year – 12 numbers under control! THINK about where you business will be as a result!

I’d love to know what is the one number you will start looking at this month – tell me below! Join my weekly class, this way I will be there to help you through this. You can do this  – let’s go!







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