Imperfect action is better than NO action….

It is better to take imperfect action vs. no action at all.

Not my best video. Definitely one of my content vs context moments. SO- why am I sharing it? Because if I didn’t, I could still be taping it at this moment or worse- give up. So, here I am raw and real. I’m ok with that. It will get better and easier – but NOT if I don’t do it. You see, my ONE thing this quarter is consistency. Consistency creates habits which then make life easier (as long as they are good habits!)

That’s my simple message for you this week. How often have you put things off because they weren’t perfect, or every nuance was in place, or it was the “stuff” you hate doing in your business? Or it’s scary because maybe you are unsure of what it means? 

 One of the big things many of my clients put off is looking at is their numbers. The money, the results, can be a hard thing to deal with (especially if you have a habit of not) for so many reasons on so many levels. Yet, it is the numbers which tell you like it is, and many times it is not as bad as we think. It is also a fast simple way to see where you are going, and how to change the trajectory if needed.

I am known as the “numbers lady”. Numbers do not lie, and when managed, actually make your business life EASY – yes easy. Make more money and work less hours. It takes time to to get there, but much less time that you may think – AND way  less time if you choose to put it off.

My FREE weekly class begins in just 2 weeks, and yes there will be numbers involved. I promise, I’ll make is simple, easy and dare I say fun! Every Monday at 3:00 pm starting October 31st. 30 minutes of a results based strategy, process, tip, idea, etc. plus a 15 minute Q&A afterwards!

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