How to Get More Clients NOW: Monarch Money Message of Dec.19th, 2016

Day 3 of my Jumpstart Challenge: Enrollment

Whenever I interview small business owners (which I do regularly), most of the time, their biggest challenge  is in getting more customers, which means more money. Earlier this month I suggested it may be possible that getting more clients is NOT the issue, go ahead and reread / watch my previous blog posts to learn more that subject.

That being said, this is one of the first things I work on with my clients – we ensure they have a consistent, effective process. You see, I view this whole aspect of a business as enrolling new customers  – not sales. It’s a paradigm shift. It also takes a lot of pressure off of you, and at the same time gives you much better results, and consistent results.

Here are 3 ways to ensure that happens:

  1. Let prospects DESELECT themselves out of the process.
    Not everyone is your ideal client, and not everyone may even be an appropriate client for you. so, the purpose of your process is to let those who are not the best fit to opt themselves out. By doing so, it means the ones that flow through to you are a good fit, able to pay  you, and are more serious about taking action. This allows you to avoid wasting time on tire-kickers and unviable folks. It results in less prospects, and more clients. It requires targeting and focus.
  2. Be a solution finder (and not a problem solver)
    Clearly your customers have a need that you are able to fulfill. so often times, I find that most people tend to focus on the problem itself. The thing is, many times the prospect is not even aware that they have THAT problem, they think it’s something else. Just like when people tell me they need more customers, when they actually need to fix their non-profit making pricing!  By understanding not what the actual problem is, but the perceived challenge is, you become the solution finder. That is want they want – how you do it is pretty irrelevant. Make sure you know what that is.
  3. Provide value throughout your entire process.
    Regardless of whether or not this person becomes your client, both of you should end feeling good. You, because you genuinely helped them to see the solution, and your prospect, because you actually helped them solve a problem.  If nothing else you have built a great relationship- and who knows where that may lead? Most likely, if they did not go ahead with you, it’s most likely they did not make a decision period. When they are truly ready they will reach out to you 9which of course you will make easy to do by keeping in contact, right?

    Have a joyous holiday – May Santa bring you everything you want (even if you do not believe in him – I do!).

    My 5 day challenge is still available until the end of the year – still time for you to Jumpstart 2017 right now!
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    To your success-

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