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Top 5 Organizational Tips and Tricks by Lorraine Kimmey

By Lorraine Kimmey, Simply Organized Solutions If your dining room table has become a landing site for everything from months of magazines, weeks of mail, kids school paperwork, snacks, and all sorts of other stuff rather than being a place to enjoy family dinners, and the thought of opening a closet door or walking into…

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Budgeting by Paul Becht of Baker Tilly

Budgeting – Plan the Work and Work the Plan By Paul Becht, CPA After several years of planning audits at a CPA firm, I’ve often heard the mantra “plan the work and work the plan”. The point being you can’t achieve success without adequately planning that which you hope to achieve and then doing the…

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Introduction to Guest Blogging

Hello and Welcome to “Thursday’s Thoughts”. I am so excited about this guest blog! I am thrilled to be sharing with you all blogs, articles (and who knows what else!) by experts in their field, providing you with a new perspective. There is a structure around how all of this works. For those of you…

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Reviews, Recommendations & Referrals by Len Carroll of Affordable Business Websites

I learned, early on, that to succeed in school I had to be proficient at the 3 R’s –reading, riting and rithmatic (guess spelling didn’t count for much back then). To have a successful internet presence for your business today, you still need the 3 R’s. Only difference is, they stand for Reviews, Recommendations and…

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