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Coach Lee –

I get a lot of calls asking me to advertise in various papers, and journals. Which should I choose and how do I know it works?

Thank you –

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This is actually two great questions. First of all, for any advertising to make sense, it should be viewed as an investment and therefore should produce a certain return. It can be very costly if not done right. Advertising can work as long as you follow the “rules”. Let’s take you questions separately.
1. You ask in which paper you should advertise.
Well, as your coach, I must ask you a question – have you defined not only your target market, but also your ideal customer? This is where it all begins. Having as much information about your target market, and then your ideal customer is essential. Who are you trying to go after? Where do they live?  That will be your first thing to figure out. Once you do Danny, then you can determine which of the papers serve that audience the best. If none do, then keep looking. Defining your target as well as your ideal customer will be the topics of blogs to come – so keep on reading!


2. You asked my how you will know it is working.
Danny this is a great question and sadly not one many people think about before they launch an ad. With our clients we use an 8 – step check list for success. I would be more than happy to review that with you in depth one on one. However, the for starters – make sure you use the A.I.D.A. principles.

A – attention – does the ad grab the reader? Remember you will be among many other ads.

I – interest – does it generate reader interest? Why would they want to look at your ad versus another ad?
D- Desire – does it create desire – why your product or service?

A – Action – does it prompt the reader to take action and respond.


The “Action” aspect is really where you will know if it works or not. Using a specific offer related to the ad is critical. Try a coupon or an offer limited specifically to that ad. Using a dashed box encourages people to cut the ad out (giving direction whether overt or passively is a good thing!).


Most importantly Danny, you MUST test and measure your response. Ensure that you and your team always ask how the prospect came to you. When can go through the finer points when we sit down one on one.


To your success-

Coach Lee Munch

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